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Due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the lockdown in Spain commencing from 13th March 2020, it proved impossible for some groupings to complete all of their games. It also proved impossible to progress the semi-finals & finals games that were planned to decide the initial winners of the trophy.

After some consideration it was decided that the results at the time of the lockdown would constitute the final results for the HRGS Winter Matchplay League and that there would be no award of the Cup for 2019-20. 

As most of the leagues had completed all of their matches and because we had reached the predefined end-date for league matches by the time of lockdown, we have agreed that the league tables would be considered as complete and prizes awarded to the winners & runners-up in each league, who are detailed below.

Congratulations to all and cash prizes will be presented, by Gordon Hutchinson, later in the year.

Table A: Christine Gibbons = 34 points
Table B: Hans Nout = 19 points.
Table C: An van den Borre = 23 points
Table D: Pauline McCafferkey = 24 points
Table A: Peter Cafferkey = 24 points
Table B: Graham Platts = 15 points.
Table C: Mike Portlock = 17 points
Table D: Dave Maskens = 21 points
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