• The golf course is now open - we have our usual tee times booked. However there will be a new Covid protocol to follow as advised by GNK and the Spanish Golf Federations. These protocols were last updated on 30 June and will apply until at least the end of July whilst we keep an eye on the ongoing situation. The protocol is available here.

  • WEBSITE CHANGES: As you will have seen there are changes to the tabs on the website - here you will find the details of the newly presented content.


  • Although we had to cancel the HRGS AGM 2020 meeting in March, there were a number of informational topics and administrative change topics which were planned to be on the agenda. HRGS Admin will be releasing a series of these informational topics and administrative change announcements to our members during the period of this enforced golf layoff.

  • The first two technical informational topics released today are as follows…..

  • HRGS golf software upgrade in January 2020. click here

  • World Handicap Re-calculation rules for 2020 click here

  • ‘Forward Red tees’ – levelling the playing field  click here

  • Revised Dates for 2020 

  • Friday 4 September - The Resorts Trophy - individual stableford max 60 places

  • Saturday 19 September - Margaret Daniels Trophy combined with the Rowley Cup - 72 places maximum

  • Monday  21 September - HR Masters - max 20 handicap and limited to 60 places

  • Planned Dates for 2021 

  • Saturday 27 March 2021 HR Masters

  • Sunday 28 March 2021 Rowley Cup

  • Hope this helps as you re-arrange your cancelled flights.

  • Fingers crossed for September though - Stay Safe

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