• The dates are booked with GNK and so is the band - The Streeters - hopefully we will be able to have a long overdue party in the Hacienda garden. Living in Hope!

  • Saturday 18 September - HR Masters (invitational tournament - max handicap 20 - Entry List as of 25 July 2021

  • Sunday 19 September - Combined MD Trophy and Rowley Cup (shotgun tournament so limited places) - Entry List as of 25 July 2021

  • Please check if you think you have entered these tournaments - also please let us know if you are now not joining us.

  • Note - the entries for the MD Trophy/Rowley Cup are closed - so Reserve List only at the moment.

  • We need to agree a date for the new Lonrah tournament and we are hoping to have that to coincide with the Sucina festival in October...but we are awaiting confirmation that the fiesta will take place this year.

  • COVID - Buggies can only be shared with someone from the same household. Flag pins must not be touched. Social distances need to be maintained.

  • HRGS Covid Protocol 

  • Planned Dates for 2021