• HRGS/Amigos Handicap Consolidation/Golden Bear Project


  • A project is currently underway with the aim of eliminating the current unsatisfactory situation of the HR-based societies, HRGS, Amigos and Golden Bear, each holding and separately maintaining a different handicap for the same player…this will be effective from 1st Jan 2021.

  • Please read the linked document as there important details you need to aware of….


  • COVID - Masks must now be worn on the golf courses in the Murcia Community - we have received this notification from GNK = 

  • Dear Captain,

  • The General Counselor from the Ministry of Health in the región of Murcia has informed the Murcia Golf Federation that people must wear a mask at all times.  Even when on the golf course players must wear a mask.  This information was passed on to us late last week and we wanted to be sure to let all of you know.  I'm not sure how long this protocol will be in place but when we are told it is no longer required we will inform all our golfers.


  • The golf course is currently closed - we have our usual Monday games booked for El Valle in the interim.  However there will be a new Covid protocol to follow as advised by GNK and the Spanish Golf Federations. These protocols were last updated on 30 June and continue to be in place  whilst we keep an eye on the ongoing situation. The protocol is available here.

  • Planned Dates for 2021 

  • Saturday 27 March 2021 HR Masters

  • Sunday 28 March 2021 Rowley Cup

  • Hope this helps as you re-arrange your cancelled flights.

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