This page provides the handicaps for all players that have 'signed up' to be part of the  Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society 'Winter Matchplay League' competition. It will be updated on a monthly basis from the HRGS Handicap database that Margaret Daniels manages. Irrespective of any recent changes (Up / Down/ Home Course / Spain etc) to an individual's handicap, the WMPL matches must be played from the handicap and the Tees currently displayed here. If any other players wish to play from the RED tees they should notify Brian Platt asap and the table will be updated.

To keep things simple, all players will play off full handicap and it is recommended that each player has all their allowed shots on each hole, with the best Stableford points score in each team being that team's score for the hole (i.e. NO 90% allowance and no taking handicaps from the lowest handicapped player). If both pairings in a match agree before starting that they would rather take the shots from the lowest handicap player then that is OK, however, any dispute and the default stated above MUST apply. Playing a 'Team Handicap' of 50% of the combined handicaps is NOT permissible.


The document below can also be viewed by clicking on the icon to the right of this note to open the PDF document in a separate window.

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