This page displays the current league table positions for all players included within the Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society 'Winter Matchplay League' 2019-2020 competition. The page will be updated based on the results submitted by players that have completed their games. The leagues have been largely drawn on handicap basis (mixing handicaps high & low) from the first 40 people that confirmed an interest in being part of the League. If your name is not here and you wish to take part, complete a registration form and you will join the 'Reserves list'. 


The document can also be downloaded & viewed by clicking on the icon to the right of this note to open the PDF document in a separate window.

The mechanism for calculating the 'Table Points' for each person has required some review to accommodate the fact that it is likely that some people will not complete all their games. To reduce the impact of that on opponents the 'Table Points' are allocated as per the details below:

  1. Players get ‘Table Points’ for every match score above 18, scores equalling or below 18 get 0 ‘Table Points’ for the players involved.

  2. Any team scoring any points at all in a game will get 1 ‘Table Point’ (effectively 1 point for just playing the game).

  3. Any unplayed games get 0 points for all entrants.

  4. If a person cannot play but arranges a reserve to replace them then they still get the “1 point for playing”.

  5. If a person fails to show or cancels a prearranged game within 5 days of the agreed date, they get 0 points unless they arrange a reserve or all parties agree to reschedule. If not rescheduled, the Partner player must play solo but gets the 1 point for playing.

  6. In the event of a 'Table Points' tie between players, the player with the higher 'Total Wins' will take the lead.

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