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Use the booking application below to register your desire to play in one of the Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society scheduled games.
The application must be be made by a Society members, however, each member may also invite ONE visitor for standard MONDAY games (it should be noted that guests are not permitted in any of the 'Honour Board' competitions). It is common for the number of available slots to quickly become booked so it makes sense to book as early as possible.

Where someone books for more than just themselves, that individual is responsible for ensuring the attendance & behaviour of those players. It is imperative that if you are booking for someone else that they have confirmed to you that they are available.

Last minute and frivolous cancellations cause problems for the organisers and your playing partners. You may cancel your registration to the event by finding the 'Booking Confirmation' email you received when you booked and then clicking the 'cancel' button at the bottom of that email. This method is valid up until midday on the Wednesday before the game. After that please contact with your reasons for cancelling so that you can be manually removed from the start sheet. No-Shows are totally unacceptable and if this occurs - you may well be barred from the next two games booked.

If you only wish to delete part of your booking detail you will need to delete the initial booking and then create a new booking with the correct detail.

When booking on a mobile phone you may have an issue where you cannot scroll down to reveal the SEND button when completing the booking form. This appears to be a bug in the application. A simple 'workaround' is to ensure that the booking you want to progress is at the very top of your phones screen before you click REQUEST INCLUSION. This should enable the SEND button to remain visible and active.

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