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Welcome to the new 'Player Peformance Information' page for Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society.

HRGS have now introduced an online information platform for its members. This web-based portal (Master Scoreboard) is a widely used companion product of our current PC-based Golf Administration software, (Handicap Master). As a start-point we have only implemented the base informational display level but, dependent on player feedback, may look to extend this in the future.

The various detailed information from the current HRGS 'Handicap Master' system will be regularly uploaded direct to the HRGS Online Information portal after the HRGS competitions have been fully processed, completed and actioned. Over time, as more HRGS competitions are planned and subsequently concluded, the data content shown will increase in volume and also in its effectiveness. The current data content available for viewing at this launch is from the start of 2020. 

The HRGS 'Master Scoreboard' portal, in this base form, can potentially contain the following information:

  • Fixture List

  • FutureCompetitions and Start Sheets

  • Recent Competition

    • Full Net Results

    • All Players Competition Scorecards

    • Competition Scoring Analysis

  • Eclectic Gross & Net Results

  • Handicap Lists

    • Players Individual Handicap Record and Progress Analysis

    • Players Individual Competitions Scoring Analysis

    • Players Individual Hole by Hole Scoring Analysis

  • An active Competition Leaderboard

There are two display variants available for the HRGS 'Master Scoreboard' Portal, one optimised for PC/Laptop use & one optimised for Mobile device use.

CLICK HERE to access the larger formatting PC Desktop version of this Information Portal. This version has been specifically designed for the larger screen format which will display the most detailed level of information available.

CLICK HERE to access the Mobile version of the Information Portal which specifically formats the information for the smaller screen mobile phone user. This reduced format version does not display some of the very detailed information which is available in the PC Desktop version.

Master Scorecard Picture 1.jpg
Master Scorecard Picture 4B.jpg
Master Scorecard Picture 3.jpg
Master Scorecard Picture 2.jpg
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