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Finally after months, if not years, of searching we have found a supplier for new golf shirts. As we agreed by survey, we have decided on Sky Blue - Ping SensorCool shirts. They will feature the HRGS logo on the chest and the Lonrah logo on the back below the collar. They are  perfect for Monday Games or any of the other Hacienda Riquelme competitions. The shirts are priced at €30.00 each, are available in multiple sizes and in Men's Polo, Ladies Short sleeved & Ladies Sleeveless variants, however, payment must be made with the order.

If you are interested in receiving a Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society shirt, please complete & submit a separate order form (below) for each size & style variant you require (although you can order multiple shirts of the same size & style on a single form).  

Ping Size Chart here

Ping Sizing Chart.jpg
Size Guide
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