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Welcome to the new website for Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society.

We are based on Hacienda Riquelme golf course, in Murcia, South East Spain. If you are an owner or long-term renter on Hacienda Riquelme, come and join the society and play with us every Monday morning at reduced rates.  We also welcome nearby neighbours to join us.

One of our primary objectives was to help build friendships and a strong community spirit amongst the golf playing owners and their guests to the Hacienda Riquelme Golf Resort. The society has always been 'international' in nature and whilst the majority of players are from UK, we have many members from: Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, France, Germany and several other countries.
Over the years the society has grown in popularity and, whilst once having 3-4 fourball tee times it now common for a Monday morning to have 40+ players and additional reserves.

In addition to our weekly games, we also have a number of special events where we take-over the golf course for the day and run games with 100+ players for the honour of getting your name on the Honours Boards in the clubhouse.
So come and meet your neighbours, meet like-minded people, make new friends and test your golfing skills in our competitions.


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