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The Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society 'Winter Matchplay League' 2020-21 competition will run  through the Autumn / Winter months at Hacienda Riquelme and has been tweaked following learnings from the inaugural 2019-20 format. Whilst under the HR Golf Society banner, it is managed separately from the Monday Matches by Gordon Hutchinson & Brian Platt and has a separate email address:

The full details of how the 'Winter Matchplay League 2020-21' will operate is  available on the Competition Format page on this site but in summary it is a 'pairs matchplay 'competition (similar to the Murcia Matchplay League) where players register individually and pairings will be pre-selected based on their handicap ranking amongst the full player list. Players will initially  play  3 games in a 'round robin' format (with different partners and different opponents) over a 6 month time window, after which the leaders of each league will then complete in the semi-finals & 'play-off' for the trophy.

The form below enables you to apply to be part of the Hacienda Riquelme Golf Society 'Winter Matchplay League' competition.

To register your interest simply complete the form below.

To simplify the requirement for individuals to contact their identified golf partner and opponents to schedule their matches, all players contact email / telephone details will be published & shared with other league members via a 'Members Only' page on this site. This information is only accessible to players that have 'signed-in' via an HR Golf Society Log-in and are signed up to be part of the competition. As part of your registration you must agree to your details being shared in this manner, by completing the form below

A separate form is required for each  player although couples may utilise identical contact details if they so wish.

Entry Form:  2020-21 Winter Matchplay League Competition
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